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IKEA Kitchens
The Library

Disconnect my telephone

Whoooo hoooo Friday is here! This weekend is finally devoid of plans after a long run of weekend vacations. I can’t wait to spend some “me” time at home. Things on the agenda include, sleeping, taxes, sleeping, movies, sleeping, cleaning, sleeping and catching up on my PVR’d shows.

I am sure most of you have […]


Last night I was invited out for supper spur of the moment. What that meant is that I didn’t plan to have enough calorie allotment to cover supper. Then to make matters worse supper was late and I missed my planned swimming so I was now missing the exercise calories too.

Needless to say I […]

Freeze or Broil?

The bus shelter I wait at downtown has heaters suspended from the ceiling. They do a really good job, especially on those -30 or worse days. However on a day like today when it is -5 and windy outside they don’t really work for tall people. If I stay outside I freeze and my back […]

1st iPhone Vlog!?!

Let’s guy physical

A long time ago I gave myself the gift of a yearly physical on my birthday. Well due to medical back logs I had my physical today in March instead of in September for my birthday.

If you have any medical histories in your family or any risk factors I suggest you give your […]

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