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Kute Kylie!

Main Entry: kute Pronunciation: \ˈkyüt\ Function: adjective Etymology: Canada / Edmonton Date: circa 2009

1 : attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, delicate Kylie Minogue way as coined by Becca.

Sometimes when I talk to people that don’t know Kylie’s music that well they sometimes assume that she is an electronically enhanced fembot […]


Becca & I at Kylie in Toronto

  Kylie Kylie Kylie! Kylie Minogue (my favorite artist) finally came to me! Well sort of? Toronto, Canada at least. First time she has toured in North America in 20 years. Thanks to my good friend Becca informing me of the concert I scored 2nd row, floor […]

F’ the black cat

California Muscle ® Bob Cat Squarecut

  Halloween is fast approaching and tonight I had another run in with a black cat that reminded me of three encounters I had in Europe.

All 4 times, including tonight, the black cat DID NOT cross my path. It stopped and let me cross IT’S path and […]

Eating at home?

On Twitter I follow @earlsrestaurant because Earl’s is my FAVORITE Restaurant! Has been for years.

On Twitter they posted a link to one of their, I am assuming, new commercials. I immediately upon watching this commercial thought of Jeremy taking care of my house for 7 weeks while I was away this summer. When I […]

Michelle as a squirrel?

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