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IKEA Kitchens
The Library


K who of us didn’t see tonight’s turn around coming? I know we were all hoping for Ronnie to be put up or for at least the plan to be back-dooring him. What are they thinking back-dooring Casey? Just when I was starting to like him. All I can say is that Jessie must be […]

BB Vindication

WOW tonight’s Big Brother made me feel SOOOOO good! It was great to finally see the entire house allied together against Ronnie! I think when they hauled him out in front of everyone and they grilled him with all their accusations it was probably the best Big Brother mutiny I have ever seen.

Now the […]

My Proposal

Bev, Michelle, and I just got back from…

The Proposal (2009) Rating:

REALLY good movie, I even cried in it LOL. Well perhaps it was sunscreen in my eye, I am not sure. Regardless I really enjoyed the movie and it left me with two major feelings.

1) I want to fall madly in […]

When Songs Take Over

I have listened/watched this music video 4 times so far this morning. It is a great piece of music and beautiful video. Kelly Rowland is BEAUTIFUL with some AMAZING outfits and a killer spine chilling voice! Ohhhh how I want to be at that beach party!



Russell’s the bomb?

I am really beginning to wonder about Russell. The clips that Big Brother is showing of him make him look like a loose canon and a bit of a freak. I know that he said one show that he planned to do that but I am not so sure that all his blow-ups are game […]

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