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Coup D’etat

Well no one can say the eviction speeches in the Big Brother house have been uneventful this year! WOW you tell them Casey!

So Casey is gone, yes that is sad, but not as sad as it would have been if Jordan had went home. I am very anxious to see who wins HoH tonight! […]

Ahhhh Roma!

How on earth did I miss this news story? I even watched some of the FINA World Championships in Rome this weekend. I am a sucker for the Olympics or championships when it comes to swimming, or diving. Ricky Berens from Team US had a swim that I am sad I missed. Talk about wardrobe […]

The Ugly Truth

You remember that the last movie I saw, “The Proposal” made me want to get married. This often happens when I see a movie but just as often a movie will changes me back. This happened last night when Michelle and I went to see…

The Ugly Truth (2009) Rating:

It was a really […]

What’s your sign?

Some crazy stick figure warning signs from around the world that I came across this morning in The Daily Telegraph…


That last one kills me! Is that supposed to be “Yield to confused people leaking gas?”


Say Cheese!

According to Wikipedia, cheese predates recorded history. Well as I lay in bed eating a nice chunk of cheddar cheese I would like to thank whatever man, woman, or child invented it! Cheese for me is my favorite food in the world! Has been for as long as I can remember. I think it […]

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