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Falling into Peru

Well the Peru trip is really starting to take shape and pull together.

THANK GOD! because I leave 2 days from now!

I hadn’t heard anything back from the travel agent in Peru regarding my flights to Cusco and train tickets for Machu Picchu so tonight I had to call Peru. The girl that speaks […]

UPW Limiting Belief #3

This is part 3 of 3 in a series of limiting beliefs that I worked through at Unleash the Power Within (UPW) with Tony Robbins. As mentioned before they are pretty personal however it is my wish that by sharing they can be of benefit to you, make you think, or at the least help […]

Peruuuu Hooooo

Some cool updates on the Peru trip.

I have been in contact with a friend’s niece in Lima, Peru and have discussed hanging out while I am in Lima. I am very excited about this because it will help me break away from the normal tourist scene, practice my Spanish and add more heart to […]

UPW Limiting Belief #2

STOP! : K before you read further I want to clarify, these are OLD limiting beliefs, yes they may sound harsh but they are meant to be as painful as possible so you can attach that pain to them to help you move forward. After posting Limiting Belief #1 I received some questions from a […]

Mr. Out of Left Field

So I was cleaning up some e-mail tonight and found an e-mail to myself from my cell phone that I took in a theater on May 19th. I have no clue what movie I was seeing or who I was with but I snapped this photo of the screen during the previews.

So I looked […]

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